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            Company profile




            Jiangxi central sea industrial co., LTD(The floor with the bamboo rim)

            The north China market: Chen wenshan 13870948648   WeChat:13870948648

            South China market: Yang Hualiang 13970866561   QQ number: 1397488434

            East China market: YuXiaoTao 15270999989   QQ number: 935589293

            The official website: www.woksfordinner.com

            Business address: The small blue economic and technological development zone of nanchang is 429

            Company profile

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            Jiangxi yanghai industrial co., LTD. Is located in the small blue economic and technological development zone of nanchang city, yingxiong city, which is a professional bamboo flooring enterprise in China. In 2005, the first batch of national industrial production license, import and export right, the enterprise passed iso9001:2008 international quality management system authentication.

            The company has a complete set of high density automatic bamboo flooring equipment imported from Taiwan and Germany. Having a team of product development and production team with unique and consummate craft; Bamboo flooring brands have rich, sustainable recycling bamboo resources to store natural bamboo forests. Constantly introducing new technology of bamboo floor production at home and abroad, absorb the industry's new experience and new demands of the customers, pioneering and innovative, the pursuit of excellence, strict production process, seiko fine to do, patches of inspection, the quality of the products meet the requirements of GB/T20240-2006 various physical and chemical performance standards, "with bamboo edge" brand series of products since 2006 has been rated as "the user preferred non-toxic green jasmine best-selling brand", "Chinese famous brand" key promotion units, standard enterprise recommend brand "qualified", "nanchang famous brand product", "bamboo floor ten major brands in China".

            The company produces "tongxing bamboo border" brand bamboo floor to establish more than 300 stores and franchisees in China. Bamboo floor price in the market competition of bamboo flooring, always insist "quality to win the people", set up good market word of mouth. The products are also popular with foreign customers such as Romania, Russia, Czech republic and New Zealand.

            Production of green environmental protection products, provide more and better health for the society of low carbon bamboo flooring, "with bamboo edge" is man's social responsibility and constant pursuit. It is because of bamboo that we have the edge to pursue a common noble cause.

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