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            Jiangxi central sea industrial co., LTD(The floor with the bamboo rim)

            The north China market: Chen wenshan 13870948648   WeChat:13870948648

            South China market: Yang Hualiang 13970866561   QQ number: 1397488434

            East China market: YuXiaoTao 15270999989   QQ number: 935589293

            The official website: www.woksfordinner.com

            Business address: The small blue economic and technological development zone of nanchang is 429

            The story of bamboo

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            The story of bamboo


            In the easternmost part of China, there is a bamboo called bamboo. The farmers there were sowing and cultivating every day

            Waiting for the seeds to sprout, even if the farmers have been taking care of them for years, they are only 3CM long. Other people saw this and shook their heads and said they couldn't understand it. Think about it this way: spending so much time on what it does, wasting time and energy.

            But bamboo grows at a rate of 30CM a day after five years. This will take six weeks to grow to 15 meters, and can be transformed into a lush bamboo forest. Although only 3CM in four years, the storm has been growing since the fifth year, and the six weeks seem to have changed incredibly.

            But in the past four years, machu has extended its roots in the soil for hundreds of square meters.

            There are people around us who can't see the results even if they're struggling, or even if they don't know what they're doing.

            When we see them, may think they unfortunately or think they are stupid, but they are not not in growth, but in roots, deep strong roots. By the time they reach maturity, they will reach the top of other people's reach.

            Maybe you don't see results right now, but don't be afraid -- you're not growing, you're taking root.


            One day, I decided to give up my life. So I went to the woods and talked to Buddha for the last time. "Buddha, can you give me a reason not to give up?" I asked.

            The Buddha's answer surprise me: "you look around and see the mountain fern and the bamboo? I sow the seeds of ferns and bamboo, give them light and water. Mountain fern quickly grew from the ground, lush green leaves covered the ground. However, the bamboo is what also have no."

            The next year, the ferns grew thicker. The seeds of bamboo still don't grow anything. Two years on, the seeds of the bamboo have not germinated.

            By the fifth year, however, a small sprout was rising on the ground. Compared to the fern, it is small enough to be insignificant. But just six months later, the bamboo grows to 100 feet tall. It took five years to grow roots, and the roots of bamboo gave it everything it needed to survive.

            The Buddha said to me: "son, you've done this time to struggle, is actually your growing roots. Don't take yourself to compare with others. Now, your time has come. You will rise high!"

            I left the forest and brought back the story. Don't regret every day of your life, good day to give you happiness, bad days give you experiences, both are essential to life, happiness to keep you sweet, make you strong, test failure makes you humble, let you flash successfully. Never give up!


            There is a child who grows in the country. If he wants to have a good future, he must read good books and go to college. However, he took the college entrance exam for two years and failed to enter university.

            This winter, he followed his father up the hill to dig the winter bamboo shoots, and his father told him that the trick to digging a winter bamboo shoot was to follow the bamboo whip. The child found a bamboo whip, dug down the bamboo, and soon filled a basket of bamboo shoots. But suddenly he had dug more than a hundred meters, and he had never thought of a bamboo whip as long.

            The father said, "the bamboo is kept alive by such an advanced root system. Have you ever seen bamboo die on the mountain?"

            The child was inspired. After that, the child took part in the review again and finally made the name.

            Professor said: "the story of the child, is me. I want to tell you, any a success must be hard, like bamboo whip sunk deep into the earth, don't think you don't succeed, because opportunity did not come, but you don't have enough effort."

            Professor said: "and I finally want to tell you there is no 'theory' in a lesson plan. Bamboo shoot, when the rain is long, but by the time grow bamboo, it would hardly long. Three to five years later, suddenly, bamboo grows at an alarming rate, if come to bamboo forest in the dead of night, you will hear the sound of the bamboo grow in jointing stage. Its growth speed is two feet every day."

            Why did bamboo not grow in three to five years? In a few years, its roots in the ground to grow like mad, it's the longest root can be rolled out in a few, in a few square kilometers of land, the bamboo is easy to get the nutrients they need and the rain.

            Every entrepreneur is a bamboo, and when it comes to the industry, it is like a bamboo shoot, with sunshine and rain, it will grow. But a temporary effort is not necessarily a success, and it is likely to fall into a "growth plateau". At this point, be calm, try to expand your "roots", waiting for a sudden strength day.


            Once upon a time there was a great kingdom, the kingdom of the west is a very beautiful garden, the garden owner has a habit, is to the garden for a walk every day, and is the hottest time in a day.

            There is a tall bamboo in the garden, the most beautiful of all the plants in the garden, and the most beloved by the master. This bamboo tree grows stronger every year, and is more beautiful than a year. It knows that its master loves it and is intoxicated with it.

            One day, when the master came to the garden thoughtfully, he bowed his head respectfully and said to the bamboo, "dear bamboo, I need you."

            When he heard this, he thought it was time for him to wait for the day. Then he said, "yes, master, I am here. Please use me as you please!"

            "Bamboo! "-- the master said gravely --" I can only use you to cut you off." Bamboo a listen to scared and said: "master you want to chop down me?... you put me into the most beautiful garden plants, now cut me? Oh! Please, don't! Please use me to honor you! Master, please don't cut off!"

            "My baby's bamboo! "-- master said, and his voice was more serious --" I can't use you if I don't cut you." Suddenly the silence in the garden, the wind stopped, birds stopped singing, bamboo was filled with sorrow it beautiful tree hanging down, soon, murmured: "master, if you have to cut me enough to me, that's according to you mean cut me."

            "My baby's bamboo! "-- and the master said," I don't want to cut you off. I have to remove the branches and leaves." "Master! "-- bamboo wailing --" no! Please leave at least my branches."

            "But if I don't cut off the branches, I won't be able to use you!" Then the sun went away and the birds flew away. The bamboo was trembling, and the sound was almost invisible.

            "Well, master, cut off the branches!"

            "My beloved bamboos, not only that, but I will cut you two pieces and remove your heart, and if I do not, I will not be able to use you." He couldn't say anything, and he was so bent that he could touch the treetops.

            Then the master of the garden cut it down, cut off the branches, cut it in two, and removed the bamboo. Then he took it to a clean water source, near his dry field. He carefully placed the beloved bamboo on the ground, one connected to the water and the other toward the field. The water gushed from the water, and the water poured through the fields. People began to grow rice, and as the days went by, the seeds grew and grew until the harvest season. After his suffering and humility, bamboo is now a blessing.

            When he was beautiful and beautiful, his life and strength were only for himself and his beauty. But after cutting and cutting, it is deeply reused by the host, becoming a source of water for the whole kingdom of wugu.

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