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            Service center




            Jiangxi central sea industrial co., LTD(The floor with the bamboo rim)

            The north China market: Chen wenshan 13870948648   WeChat:13870948648

            South China market: Yang Hualiang 13970866561   QQ number: 1397488434

            East China market: YuXiaoTao 15270999989   QQ number: 935589293

            The official website: www.woksfordinner.com

            Business address: The small blue economic and technological development zone of nanchang is 429

            Installation requirements

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            For Ann

            1. The shop floor should be carried out after all the other adornment project is finished in indoor, ask floor to be dry, flat, forbid wet ground to lay the floor.

            2. Choose a dry wooden bar (specification 3x4CM or 4x5CM) and the water rate must be below 13%. With 3.5 -- 4 cm firmly on the concrete of steel nails, keel spacing according to the length of the floor, maximum distance shall not be greater than 30 cm, keel on both sides of the disable cement cementing, keel must be smooth.

            3. Pay attention to do moistureproof processing, on the ground in front of the shop is installed under the keel must put qualified can have moistureproof effect of moistureproof film, connection between cushion wants firm, tilted walls around 8 centimeters tall, prevent the natural moisture rising ground floor and the use of the line that play a base year.

            4. Bamboo is natural plant, color texture has the difference, can't completely consistent, please when construction will be the color, texture, color of the floor, as appropriate, fully showing off the natural color of color, is the floor more natural, the nature in harmony.

            5. The temperature difference is big, please 3 to 5 days before the shop is moved to the floor shop outfit, open the packing cases and the inner packaging moistureproof layer, natural to adapt to changes in temperature, the floor of the shop will be more stable.

            6. All round the walls and floor spacing must leave 10-15 mm, install special spring piece, in order to make sure the floor has flexible space, and then install the line that play a base cover clearance, the floor can not spell it too tight, natural split (southern climate). The wall and floor space between the four sides should not be left between the interval, when installation special spring piece, the floor is naturally tight can (northern climate).

            7. Pay attention to the close of toilet, kitchen, balcony and floor contact, can use glass glue to seal, do not let overflow water to make wetland board.

            8. Special note: the installation is good and bad, directly relates to the overall quality of the floor, please have professional carpenter master shop.

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