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            Service center




            Jiangxi central sea industrial co., LTD(The floor with the bamboo rim)

            The north China market: Chen wenshan 13870948648   WeChat:13870948648

            South China market: Yang Hualiang 13970866561   QQ number: 1397488434

            East China market: YuXiaoTao 15270999989   QQ number: 935589293

            The official website: www.woksfordinner.com

            Business address: The small blue economic and technological development zone of nanchang is 429

            Maintenance instructions

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            Maintenance instructions

            Bamboo flooring and other products, in addition to the manufacturer responsibility do fine to do the product according to the national standard, when the shop is installed, installation requirements of strict adherence to standard construction, your fair use and reasonable maintenance is also very important aspect, and we work together, please pay attention to your sweet home.

            1, the floor is laid out the inside of the week in order to move in, often open window ventilated, in order to keep the fresh and proper humidity of indoor air. The moisture content of general air stays at 40% to 60%.

            2, When moving furniture, heavy object, please do not rub with floor lacquer face directly, lest rub bad floor lacquer face.

            3, clean the floor on the surface of a health, please use twist dry water pure cotton cloth to wipe, do not use alkaline, soap and water or organic solvents and other corrosive chemicals. It is strictly forbidden to wax and use non-conforming floor oil.

            4, floor using the environment temperature and airflow inside can't change sharply, if long time to open air conditioning, heating, must be timely adjust indoor air humidity, open the window and air the natural circulation, conditional family install indoor humidifier, in order to prevent the floor abnormal expansion and contraction.

            5, The air conditioning is blown up on the floor.

            6, Please close the window on rainy days, avoid the floor being wet by rain, and if you are wet, please use the dry cotton cloth to clean or dial the 24-hour service hotline.

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