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            Jiangxi central sea industrial co., LTD(The floor with the bamboo rim)

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            Common problems of product installation and maintenance

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            Several common problems in product installation and maintenance

            Consumers in the process of bamboo floor of choose and buy products, to focus on product design and color, the quality of the product and the price of the product, and ignored the product installation and use, daily maintenance problems, the quality of the right, color their satisfaction, the price is ideal, and finally, a lot of problems appeared in the process of using or. At the end of the day, there was a lot of confusion and trouble.

            As the saying goes, the quality of the three-part quality is installed, the good bamboo floor also cannot ignore the installation of the product and the daily use, the maintenance. And some consumers do not value installation, daily use, maintenance.

            Because one case, a consumer purchases, then the house decorate, family economy is tight, in order to save a little money buying furniture again, choose the popular common bamboo flooring, please master professional bamboo floor installation, nor to precisely made flat on the ground, the people go to bounce on the floor, and then the squeaking noise, there were a lot of cracks. (expert comments), install the conditions of the bamboo floor is a must be completely flat on the ground, rough ground must be made flat ground work effectively, achieve phase of seaborne smoothness effect, the level of the bamboo floor installation requirements. The installation of bamboo floor must be professional installation master to be laid. They understand the performance of bamboo flooring, know how to install to make sure the bamboo floor is more stable, more beautiful, no installation problem. 3 it is uneven ground, again not installed professional bamboo flooring, please master, the resulting bamboo floor installation typically belong to the consumer's own problems.

            Example # 2. B consumer three room one hall of new house, besides toilet, kitchen, balcony outside, other place all installed bamboo floor. Due to the careless waterproof work, the results using a few months later, smaller area near the toilet door appear the phenomenon of bamboo floor expansion and floor be affected with damp be affected with damp, and peculiar smell. (the bamboo floors in other areas work well). Expert comments, the consumer, no matter what choice floor installation family must do the waterproof, moisture-proof measures, one is to choose a good quality waterproof glue, cheap waterproof glue not waterproof effect. The second is that as long as there is water on the ground, the walls must be covered with enough waterproof material to ensure that there is no loss. Three is installed around the perimeter of the floor must be laid on metope of 8 centimeters tall dampproof mat, guarantee do not contact directly with metope, floor wall moisture will not affect the floor be affected with damp be affected with damp.

            Example # 3. C consumers installed bamboo flooring, began to moved to a new home furniture, didn't pay attention to some furniture feet with small nails, finally scrape the bamboo floor paint, also blame bamboo floor wear-resisting. (expert review), any floor has the tolerance to the standard, have a limit, more than certain scratches can damage the lacquer surface of the floor. Instead of the all-purpose wear-resisting, the blade won't break, the nail won't hurt. Therefore suggest that consumers in the moving furniture or appliances when installation, pay attention to not drag on the floor furniture or appliances, dining table, dining 発 feet please package special cloth, so as not to scratch the floor paint.

            Examples of four, butyl consumers for the convenience of a university in the city's daughter bought a house, installation of the bamboo floor, one night because of the water, kids forget to shut the tap, and go to school the next day, the evening came back and found the room was full of water, the bamboo floor is blisters on the ground a day, the scene frightened children away. After the company customer service center have to know it, immediately rushed to the scene, the bamboo floor all removed first, tray pieces put flat, each layer is separated, in the open air, natural dry, appropriately again in the afternoon of the sun on a few times, for the ground is completely dry after appearing, reinstall again, and again the same effect as the original, (expert comments) installed the bamboo flooring, accidentally fell down a cup of tea, no relationship, as soon as possible with dry towel blot rub-up. If it's wet and it's ok, tell the customer service representative the first time, the professional service staff of the company will be able to solve all your worries.

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