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            The difference between the floor and other products

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            The difference between the floor and other products

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            One, the same as the bamboo edge of the floor and the selling point.

            Noble series: sixteen rich and colorful flowers are available for choice (for, scattered, flat press);

            Two, wonderful series: there are four kinds of flower color, sweet sandalwood, South Africa rich wood, Brazil rosewood, European white oak, using the root of 5 meters (European standard).

            3, the bamboo series: contains the distinctive tang yun, cui yun, the bamboo rhyme and so on several kinds of flower color (the worker type);

            The bamboo series: four suits, elegant, elegant, elegant, and elegant.

            Classic series: contains two kinds of flowers and colors (manual scraping technique);

            The royal family series: natural high light, wear-resisting, coffee, gold steel paint, red sandalwood (side pressure series);

            Sandalwood series: three kinds of flowers, black sandalwood, sandalwood and rosewood bamboo (hand art);

            Second, the distinctive place of the floor of tongxing bamboo.

            Because management is not standard, bamboo floor processing industry enterprise space technology equipment and production management gap is very big, therefore, each brand has a certain difference, with margin of bamboo floor with other brand difference between:

            The brand of tongxing bamboo is the normal enterprise production, the enterprise has certain scale, even if the problem consumer is also well documented;

            The use of A class of bamboo (bamboo age 5-6 years) shall be used as raw materials for processing and production, and the situation of bamboo, yellow, moldy, and black foundation shall be strictly prohibited.

            The sides are smooth, there is no barbed, and the notch is not cracked.

            The surface of the board is thick and durable.

            5, paint USES five bottom plate front three sides (in terms of five layers of primer, lacquer polishing oil sands process), wear resistance, uniform color product appearance quality and rich burnish feeling, put the floor in the light of good, the surface without air bubbles, pitting, orange peel phenomenon, paint rich, full, smooth;

            For example, the structure is stable in the absence of hollow, black and broken materials.

            7, strictly control the product manufacturing process, the same specification products have little error, machining precision leveling, water chestnut, does not have burrs, put as many floors to the whole face split up to the standard requirements;

            8, with series products to real, real wood to wood, bamboo flooring will be subject to process, using 43 process cengcengbaguan, ensure the superior quality with bamboo flooring;

            It is these differences that make it a rare achievement for the company to maintain zero complaints over the years.

            3, the different from the bamboo border floor and other brand products:

            The quality of the blank is four different

            A, using the new old age of the different nanzhu, 5 to 6 years of fleshy nanzhu bamboo age mature, bamboo fiber density, hardness is strong, the production of bamboo flooring is more stable, more wear-resisting, nanzhu for longer service life (can be the difference between come out, to the naked eye color is more unified, more luster, color bright beautiful);

            B, carbon is different, make sure every piece of bamboo is in place. A to have advanced equipment, carbide have the specification standard of carbide, third, we need to have strict production requirements (audible come out good bamboo has a bamboo fragrance, carbide or raw bamboo sweet);

            The process requirements of c and production are different, and the overall structure of the bad materials should be stable.

            D, the glue used is different, the variety of the glue that asks to use is high, the price also is expensive.

            3 different manufacturing of finished product

            A and finished products on every side of different production technology, mainly is the equipment of high precision, strict product quality standard, the supervision and administration of production of each process control, as far as possible to size accurate, joining together the natural, no height difference results such as proportion, size head, tongue-and-groove evenly;

            B, the paint quality is different, we use the high quality green paint, the national standard test standard;

            C, the paint production requirement is different, we insist on the five bottom three sides, the paint face is full and flat, the paint production is very different from the paint production.

            The packaging of the product is different

            A, the cardboard cardboard we use is very hard.

            B, the packing of our company and the floor of hsing bamboo is included in the moisture-proof membrane, which can provide better protection against moisture.

            C, the packing belt is firm, our company is to use the advanced dozen charter machine to pack fully, firm and smooth.

            The characteristic of inferior bamboo floor

            A, workshop plate: the bamboo flooring with simple equipment and simple process, the processing rough, the quality is not up to the requirement of the national standard of the bamboo flooring.

            B, strange board: use inferior adhesive, formaldehyde release quantity seriously exceeds, have formaldehyde bad smell, serious affect the health of the body;

            C, transfiguration plate: the bamboo strip is not fully dry, the moisture content is high, or low, easy to deform, easy to open up after installation, or prone to create cracks;

            D, open chip: there is a lot of space in the middle of the saw, and it can crack.

            E, miscellaneous core board: bamboo floor core layer is mixed with short bamboo slice, dimensional specification is not standard bamboo slice, the strength of adhesion strength is poor, easy to stratify, absorb wet expansion;

            F, bamboo green bamboo yellow plate: bamboo bamboo of bamboo of bamboo of bamboo of bamboo of bamboo of bamboo is not all plane to go, affect the strength of glue, easy open glue.

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