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            Jiangxi central sea industrial co., LTD(The floor with the bamboo rim)

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            Discuss the development prospect of bamboo flooring

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            Discuss the development prospect of bamboo flooring

            Release date:2016-09-30 Author: Click:

            One, after years of development, wooden floor already occupied the domestic market, most of the floor to establish a strong brand image in the consumers' mind, in a short period of time changing the concept of consumption is not very easy, according to the market in the sales situation of bamboo flooring, bamboo flooring has been mainly to foreign trade export enterprise with, rarely in the domestic market promotion and brand operation. Domestic bamboo floor market share is low, the attention degree of bamboo floor is less than 10% of wood floor. Because of the "bamboo flooring, cooler feel to the person of winter may not be comfortable", "before I heard bamboo floor often appear crack, bug eat by moth, etc., own subconscious misled people consumption. Other bamboo flooring enterprises, product quality good and bad are intermingled, as long as someone used bamboo floor and think it's quality, after-sales service does not reach the designated position, to make people produce resistance to it. This is affected by a brand that affects all bamboo flooring brands, and the loss of a letter affects the future of an industry, which requires the discipline of the entire bamboo floor enterprise. But it is difficult to achieve consensus, competition in the market economy, some enterprises in order to immediate interests, regardless of the quality of the product requirements, and lose the long-term development of the enterprise. So many floor agents are reluctant to act on the bamboo floor, causing a lot of local bamboo floors to appear without begging, for without the embarrassment.

            Second, the floor is a sustained rise in the price of raw materials, prices there are three main reasons: one is the timber supply decreases, the second is due to environmental awareness, the height of that policy restriction ban on timber, three logistics cost is increased. Let feel great pressure, number of flooring manufacturers and bamboo is the world's major countries in China, a very rich bamboo resources, five years can be as the materials of bamboo, bamboo age is the economical utilization of resources. Therefore, the advantage of bamboo flooring raw materials is obvious in the face of the price of materials used in other floors, at least in price, the influence of raw materials will not fluctuate greatly. The green environmental advantages of bamboo flooring and low price are incomparable. The difficulty lies in the understanding of bamboo flooring by the consumer is wrong. Now on the market of real wood floor and aggrandizement floor have preconceptions, bamboo floor to be accepted by consumers, become mainstream, we must overcome concerns after consumers to purchase bamboo flooring. This is the feeling that the bamboo flooring business has not been successful for many years. , under the economic and financial crisis management, existing crisis there is opportunity, my company with bamboo floor clear understanding of the market, to seize the enterprise enough capital in floor quality assurance, as the change of market, after-sales service and sales system will do a good job, with the aid of low carbon environmental protection, change the customer know, reshape bamboo flooring in the industry a good reputation, to promote my enterprise vigorous development.

            Third, the consumer demand trend, this is the most important to see clearly, confidence comes from our correct understanding.

            The market for bamboo flooring products, if not expanded, will not shrink

            Because, bamboo flooring products are the essence of the low price competition of the market, competition is a quality brand, strength of competition, price competition is on the quality brand products in the market, profit is lower, not the strength of manufacturers and merchants are difficult to stick to it. As we know, a weak market demand is relatively all market products, relative compression and reduce share, relative to expand and increase share, so, in contrast, bamboo flooring products market share even if not to expand, but also will not be closed. Bamboo flooring products in the market demand for the raw material prices today and the minister's case, in house prices, the price of real wood floor, under the background of the rising price of food inflation, bamboo flooring products have the brand quality value, the smart money and modern consumer people, why don't you enjoyed?

            People's perception of consumption is changing.

            This shift is low-carbon, energy-saving and environmentally friendly. The theme of Shanghai world expo to make city life more beautiful, shows the consumption of bamboo product propaganda, more spurred the consumption idea change, it should be said that the market consumption of bamboo flooring products will only are the consumption by more and more city people.

            The consumption of bamboo flooring products is increasing

            Expanding domestic demand policy in our country, including to curb property speculation and house prices, expand the low-rent housing and affordable housing construction, the unfair distribution of the service of the tax system reform, improve the worker wages in the primary distribution, education, health care, social security reform policy implementation, full employment policy and so on. We will push the middle income people to expand and increase the consumption of social demand. Is each respect to expand domestic demand and the trend of the development of the policy implementation, with the increase in production is of growing bamboo flooring products market consumption demand, not to mention improve household decorates people consumption level on consumer product choice exquisite rise, consumption idea of low carbon, energy saving, environmental protection requirements, demand of consumption value to enjoy now, pay attention to the grade of the consumption level, and rich, to reflect the level of culture and mental state, more can let consumers pay attention to product, essence of bamboo flooring products, bamboo flooring products of brand products, to this, we still have any doubt?

            The company's marketing service innovation is expanding the competitiveness of service in nanchang area

            At present, the company is the first in nanchang area to be introduced to the manufacturer to order, the service measure of group purchase. Company this measure aims to use the factory is located in the outskirts of nanchang geographical conditions, product quality and service quality of competition, make consumers in the factory direct sale product quality and service quality directly benefit from two aspects, not only to understand the consumer in the factory the quality of products, production processes and reduce the manufacturer plus agent and stores circulation, one-stop supply, the biggest benefits to consumers, product varieties complete, consumers in the factory class of all sorts of breed, class products selected, sign a warranty, after-sales pays a return visit regularly, delivery, installation services, such as a stand in place, forms the enterprise to the user's quality assurance of products and services innovation consumption patterns. It should be said that this expansion of service competitiveness will prompt the development of the company's products in nanchang region.

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