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            Jiangxi central sea industrial co., LTD(The floor with the bamboo rim)

            The north China market: Chen wenshan 13870948648   WeChat:13870948648

            South China market: Yang Hualiang 13970866561   QQ number: 1397488434

            East China market: YuXiaoTao 15270999989   QQ number: 935589293

            The official website: www.woksfordinner.com

            Business address: The small blue economic and technological development zone of nanchang is 429

            What is the way out of bamboo floor

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            What is the way out of bamboo floor

            Release date:2016-09-30 Author: Click:

            In October, we went to your company and received the warm reception from you and your colleagues. I have now run a circle to go back to shenzhen, want to say hello to you, also, have a few questions want to consult you, want to give advice. First, I ran for large and medium cities of the country's large furniture store, almost didn't see what the bamboo plate furniture, many don't even have bamboo flooring, bamboo can be in our country do have a history of nearly 20 years, why such a blank domestic market also? Second, through market research, I found out that the market seems to bamboo flooring is not recognized, even if there is a bamboo flooring sales, are stacked in a corner, is this why? Third, what do you think of the future of this industry? Where is the way out? Or where is the breakthrough? Fourth, where has the market been so weak for so many years? Because I really like this industry, so hope to get the real information, it may be more conducive to our most practical cooperation () if given the chance, so, also hope you can share with me the real situation in the industry to receive soon!!!!!

            In addition, this time in the past to listen to you, your company this year working with distributors, the company responsible for store decoration and other such matters I think excuse me, the company to required location? I feel or, for example, in the residential area has more advantages, first, the seller's cost is lower, second, if the community room with perfect bamboo adornment, the consumers will be more convincing, with consumers visit is more intuitive can aroused consumer's desire to consume more. What do you think? In addition, I also visited several bamboo product factories this time, and your bamboo floors do better than others.

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