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            Bamboo floor leads environmental protection, fashionable decorate tide

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            Bamboo floor leads environmental protection, fashionable decorate tide

            Release date:2016-09-30 Author: Click:

            In recent years, the bamboo flooring receives more and more consumer attention, so bamboo floor is really good where? What kind of features? I have visited the sales staff of bamboo flooring in tongxing bamboo.

            We have learned, bamboo flooring with high density, good toughness, strength, strong wear-resisting durable, not changeful form, texture smooth, colour and lustre downy, elegant and generous, is the household adornment of green environmental protection product. And the bamboo floor has been carbonized to have anti-mold, moth-proofing, flame retardant, anti-static, no side effects. In addition, the bamboo floor also has several characteristics. Toughness: bamboo is harder than wood, more resistant to pressure and bending. Beautiful: the bamboo grain is clear, the face is beautiful, the color is natural, the bamboo is pleasant, the texture is elegant and elegant. 3 durability: bamboo does not accumulate dust, undew, easy to clean, avoid the reproduction of mite bacterium, the insect moth is not disturbed; Four comfort: bamboo can automatically adjust the humidity of the environment and moisture, low heat conductivity, the characteristics of winter and warm summer cool. Five health: bamboo has the function of absorbing ultraviolet ray, make the person in indoor the eye has comfortable feeling, can prevent the occurrence and development of eye disease such as myopia; 6 qingjing: the sound insulation of bamboo, the sound of the bass, the pressure of the sound, the sound of the noise and the peace of mind. Excellent: small shrinkage of bamboo, highly fragmented, flexible and resilient.

            The bamboo flooring is different from the bamboo flooring, whether it is the bamboo flooring or the requirement of the production equipment. Because with bamboo floor more than eighteen billet supply base, all floor billet internal supply, strict quality control, especially the environmental protection and ratio of a prominent: such as select nanzhu 4 to 6 years, with strong resin adhesive, Germany imports, strong brand paint, formaldehyde content is much lower than the national standard, the use of 3000 tons of hydraulic press for hot pressing molding, and strictly control the moisture content (the moisture content of north and south is different).

            Recently with bamboo edge bamboo floor has launched several super wear-resistant titanium surface floor series, the series floor wear-resisting degree can reach steel cone across all without damage, is also the owner of the long-awaited a bamboo floor.

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